Dermot 2018

Provincetown Since the 70s

Provincetown is a spit of land surrounded by the Atlantic at the tip of Cape Cod. For over a century it has been a significant role in the history of American art, often in the forefront, playing the role of microcosm to a larger art world. The town has nurtured and inspired artist and writers from around the world to create and interact with the various communities that have inhabited this fabled fishing village on the outer most banks of Cape Cod. The interactions of the art community with the town made for a unique world where artists, often destitute, could trade works for their basic needs of food and housing, resulting in masterworks of the 20th century on the walls of local homes and cafes. I learned to paint at an art school but Provincetown taught me to identify as an artist.

I arrived in Provincetown in the Autumn of 1978 and was immediately seduced by the light, landscape and the unusual and brilliant personalities I encountered. I have now been drawing the individuals both from within and outside the art community of this town for over forty years. For this artist, it is the people of the village as well as its geographic location that make it “the last resort”.